post by Philip Gray |

Autumn Colour

Many garden plants regularly give a good display in Autumn. During this season, the Nursery looks amazing with berries and fruits combining with the incredible shades of Autumn colour. As plants prepare to shut down for Winter, triggered by the shortening days and colder nights, chlorophyll and glucose present in the leaves start to break down, resulting in change of colour. This display combined with gentle Autumn sunlight can create a truly dramatic look in the garden. Here are some that never fail to impresss.

Rhus (Stags’ Horn Sumach) makes an impressive, spreading large shrub. It’s distinctive young shoots covered with a felty-down, hence it’s common name. Ginkgo (Maidenhair Tree), an ancient species from prehistoric times with it’s curious fan-shaped foliage turning butter-yellow. Cercidiphyllum (Katsura Tree) not only turns several shades but also smells like candy-floss in the damp Autumn air. Euonymus (Spindle Tree). Several forms of Spindle have magnificent seed-capsules, characteristic corky-wings along their stems and brilliant shades of pink and crimson. Enkianthus (Pagoda Bush) needs acidic conditions to thrive and produce the best show in Autumn. Cotinus (Smoke Bush) needs to be positioned so the sunshine can be seen passing through the foliage. This shrub positively glows! Cercis (American Redbud). The bronze-leaved forms of this dramatic tree pale through varying shades. Liquidambar (Sweet Gum). Large maple-shaped foliage turns from soft-green to a whole spectrum of shades, butter-yellow to deepest plum- sometimes on the same tree! Sorbus (Rowan). Many varieties produce a combination of spectacular berries and stunning Autumn colour. Disanthus cercidifolius prefers dappled-shade and acidic soil to give the most reliable performance.

Be sure to witness the magical display this Autumn at Smeaton Nursery.